Neues Release der Linuxdistribution KDE-Neon auf Bionic Basis in Sicht

In einem Post im KDE-Forum von mir habe ich die Frage gestellt wann denn KDE Neon released wird. Ein User des Forums hat den Link aus dem KDE neon Developers Blog auf gepostet.

Almost Bionic Posted on September 20, 2018

Maybe it’s all the QA we added but issues kept cropping up with Bionic. All those people who had encrypted home folders in xenial soon found they had no files in bionic because support had been dropped so we had to add a quirk to keep access to the files. Even yesterday a badly applied patch to the installer broke installs on already partitioned disks which it turns out we didn’t do QA for so we had to rejig our tests as well as fix the problem. Things are turning pleasingly green now so we should be ready to launch our Bionic update early next week. Do give the ISO images one last test and help us out by upgrading any existing installs and reporting back. Hasta pronto.

Es sollte also in paar Tagen soweit sein. Ich freue mich auf die frische Version von KDE Neon auf Bionic-Basis.